About us


We are Stine and Constantin – that’s where2belong.
We were born and raised in Berlin and with that we can uncover the first mystery – Yes, there are indeed real Berliners!
But Berlin, this super hip city that everyone always wants to go to, is a huge mess. Sorry, for being so rude but it’s true.
Now that we’ve suffocated in tourist rivers for more than 25 years, let ourselves be moved by public transport every day and we may now feel a little too old for this untamed city – it’s time to say “good bye” for a while!

Hey life, you crazy thing, we understand – you have already prepared everything meticulously and then unscrupulously pushed us in this direction. So we surrender and get on your roller coaster, ok!

From now on: No more weekend escapes, no more “vacations” no more excuses. Only us, our VW bus and the endless streets ahead. We are so happy to share our adventures with you!

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