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Conversion: How to add roof insulation & wood panelling in a VW T4

where2belong high top roof

Before we could attach the wooden slats in the high roof, we lined the entire roof with Armaflex.
We bought planed spruce / fir wood in 300 cm from the hardware store. We used a total of 22 slats. At the beginning we finished it with a wood glaze to protect the slats from moisture.

Since our GRP high roof is very unevenly arched and has some bulges, cutting and attaching it was a really time-consuming task. With frequent measurements and trials, we were finally able to screw all the battens to the reinforcements in the GRP. It is important to choose the optimal length for the screws so that you won’t get out of the roof at the end.

Using 4 more long boards, we built a shelf on the left and right that contains all the things that we have in daily use. With the help of another board, we built a closed compartment above the cab. Another compartment should also provide more storage space above our bed.

  • high top roof with armaflex
  • First slat in the high top roof
  • More and more slats
  • wooden slat in the high top roof
  • One side left
  • Halfway through
  • all the slats are in the gigh top roof

(2) Comments

  1. Olin says:


    thank you for your article. I am interested about to instal also roof window in my T4 high top.
    What type of window do you use? And also about the screws, how long did you use for attaching the wood in the roof? I am just a bit afraid of coming out of the roof with them. THank you! Safe travels.

    1. where2belong says:

      Hi Olin,

      thanks for your comment. Our original roof hatch was sadly destroyed by a workshop while we were traveling. So we had to bought another one back in Germany. The only option for us was the Fiamma Vent 50. But we would suggest a bigger cut-out/ bigger roof hatch if this is possible for you.

      For the wooden ceiling we used 25mm screws. However, we only screwed them into the reinforced bows (the thickend part without armaflex) and not into the roof itself. You really have to check first if your roof has such parts otherwise you can’t use screws there. Be careful the material itself is really thin!

      Hope this could help you. Have fun with your camper 🙂

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