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Conversion: VW T4 pull-out bed construction

where2belong bed construction

We have converted our van three times, each time focusing on our bed. Conny started for surfing/ camping with a very high bed across the entire width. But now that we wanted to travel together, we decided on a pull-out bed from a well-known Swedish furniture manufacturer, which we adapted for the van.

It was clear to us from the start that we wanted a large bed and didn’t want to squeeze to 1.20 m, as usual in VW T4 conversions. The base should therefore be 1.40 m wide. Many other T4 owners choose a bed made of wooden slats to pull out lengthways , which is mostly used as a coach at daytime. Since that would take up too much space in our opinion, we chose another possibility, which we can confirm was the right decision after 8 months of full-time travel.

For the construction we bought wooden slats (spruce / fir frame wood planed 200 x 2.4 x 4.4 cm) and somewhat thicker wood for the subconstruction (spruce / fir frame wood planed 200 x 4.4 x 4.4 cm). Two old slatted frames (which we bought second hand) provide the basis for the fixed and pull-out part. The slats of the slatted frames can then be pushed into one another or pulled out. A mattress (about 70 €) from a Swedish furniture store is ideal for this, which can be separated with a zipper and can be quickly converted into a sofa. We bought this one second hand but nearly new.

Fixed part:
140 cm x 128.5 cm

Pull-out part:
140 cm x 185 cm

Mattress (about 70 €):
188 cm x 140 cm x 10 cm

There is enough storage space under the bed for food and clothing. We even decided to divide the space under the bed into 4 parts, so that one part is accessible from the inside and the other part can still be used as a trunk/ boot.

  • vw t4 bed planning
  • vw t4 bed fixed part front
  • vw t4 bed fixed part back
  • vw t4 bed fixed part
  • vw t4 bed slatted frame
  • vw t4 bed underneath
  • vw t4 bed with mattress bacl
  • vw t4 bed with mattress front
  • vw t4 bed

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