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Exploring the chalk cliffs on the island of Rügen with the van

White rocks of the Koenigsstuhl on the island of ruegen

Going camping with the campervan in October? Sure, of course!

We had only five days off – this did not stop us from going on a short trip to the beatiful island of Rügen in germany – and we can tell: ABSOLUTELY ATTRACTIVE!

The nights in germany are already getting colder in october. Therefor we were rewarded with breathtaking views and some warm sunshine. Also the heater spent us some warm nights (our luxury item we try not to use that often)

Tips & interesting places that we can highly recommend when you’re going to the isle of Rügen with your campervan.

Wild camping on the isle of Rügen?

There are of definelty some nice spots, but many are unfortunately associated with high parking fees. This can be avoided by leaving early, pay the parking fees or finding free parking spots for parking.

Walk at the baltic sea resort Binz – Day 1

Directly after the arrival we made a beach walk on the Binzer beach. The night we spent on the paid parking P5 Klünderberg. For a small 6 € fee you can stay there for 24 hours in a quiet environment with the van and in a top location right next to the Ostseeband Binz on the nice isle of Rügen.

P5 Klünderberg
Klünderberg 2, 18609 Binz
Paying; 24h = 6 €

Hike to the chalk cliffs – Day 2

  • Nice walk trough the forest to the chalk cliffs and beach walk
  • Hunting for adder stones
  • Fresh smoked plaice from the fisherman

Parking lot Altstadt
Steinbachweg 4, 18546 Sassnitz
Paying (free from 22 – 7h)

Parkhotel del Mar
Hauptstraße 36, 18546 Sassnitz
Parking on main street: Toll-free

In the evening we parked on the well-lit parking lot directly on the main street in Sassnitz. You can park there from 22 – 7 clock for free and it even has a public toilet (0.50 € cents). In the morning we parked the van directly on main street, because parking is free of charge there. As starting point for a hike to the chalk cliffs, this location is excellent, as they are within walking distance. (At moderate speed about 20 – 25 min).

Hiking in the Königsstuhl National Park – Day 3

On Day 3 we walked to the National Park Königsstuhl and the Victoria View. After spending the night in a free public parking lot near Ranzow Castle, we were able to start our excursion. From there we needed about 25 minutes, until we arrived at the viewpoint Königsstuhl. Since the entrance fee is > 10€ p.P. to get into National Park Center, we opted for the publicly accessible viewpoints. This also gave us a wonderful view of the chalk cliffs. This sunny day, they showed their white rocks in all their glory. A fabulous sight and recommended to everyone by us.

Schlossallee 3, 10152 Lohme

Sunset on Rügen, Dranske – Day 4

On the fourth day of our trip, we took a beach walk in Dranske. We were blessed with a breathtaking sunset afterwards. On the way back to the car, the fog slowly settled over the fields. A tremendous spectacle with the sinking sun in the background. In the evening we prepared ourselves for our journey home and drove to the southern part of the island. The Wittow ferry made it easier for us to travel home and saved us a few kilometers. We then spent the night on a free, public car park in Ummanz, right on the water front.

The following day started with a change of sun and clouds with strong wind. That gave us the chance to have a short session with the kite, before returning home.

Am Focker Strom 1, 18569 Ummanz
Parking is Toll-Free

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