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Our Top 5: Best Excursions in Santiago de Chile

Entry Cerro Santa Lucía


1. Cerro San Cristobál

The Cerro San Cristóbal is a city mountain with up to 880 meters altitude. It shapes the image of Santiago de Chile and conjures an absolutely beautiful setting in the setting sun. Of course it is clear that we too wanted to “climb” this mountain and enjoy the view over the city. The popular destination can be reached by car, cable car, funicular or on foot. The walk is the cheapest, but of course also exhausting. We opted for the funicular, because we wanted to make a little detour to the zoo Santiago at the foot of the mountain.

view from the cerro san cristobal
View from Cerro San Cristobál over Santiago

2. Cerro Santa Lucía

On the 69 meter high hill with park you can enjoy wonderful sunny hours. There is a great viewpoint overlooking the city center, which used to serve as a watchtower. It feels good to be there early or within the week, as it can get very crowded at peak times. The mountain can be reached via the own underground station and the entrance is free of charge. So you can relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city and watch the hummingbirds drinking nectar in the sunshine.

hummingbird at the cerro santa lucía
Hummingbird at Cerro Santa Lucía

3. Feria Artesanal Santa Lucía

During a visit to the Cerro Santa Lucía a visit to the craft market “Feria Artesanal Santa Lucía” is not missing. It lies at the foot of the mountain and offers great authentic souvenirs and souvenirs. Whether bags, shoes, clothing, jewelry or cosmetics – here you can find all sorts of things at fair prices. But beware: Many products are falsely declared as alpaca wool. The cheap price should then make you startled.

4. Parque Los Dominicos – Los Dominicos Village

Anyone who has not found what they are looking for on the Feria Artesanal market and is still looking for some beautiful handcrafted treasures will find what they are looking for in Dominicos Dor. The craft market includes more than 200 shops selling traditional leather, wood, copper and jewelry, paintings, sculptures and Chilean plants. Here you can watch the craftsmen directly while working. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sun and stroll through the numerous shops. The local craftsmen help you with the selection and are willing to make one or the other small change. Oh, cats do not forget to caress 😉

5. Parque Natural Aguas del Ramón

The Natural Park of the Andes Cordillera is located near the capital. By bus or metro you can get very close to the entrance and the rest to the entrance on foot. On site there are three different trails with different levels of difficulty. If you arrive by 10am, you can still go to the hardest way, which takes about 5 hours and leads to the 30-meter-long waterfall. But even the easiest and shortest way is worth a visit. Unfortunately, we arrived a little late, so we had no choice. Due to our somewhat unsuitable clothes, we would have made the same choice anyway. After a small but easy climb you have a beautiful view over the mountains. We took a break at this point and enjoyed the view. On the way down, you come to a river where you can also go swimming and picking on hot days. Do not forget suitable clothing (sturdy shoes) and food (water).

Parque Aguas Ramón
View over the mountains in the Parque Aguas del Ramón

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