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Start of our Eurotrip

Our European trip started in Sweden. From Rostock we drove to Trelleborg by ferry. From there it should go in small steps to the North Cape.


To cut a long story short: We are now officially FULL-TIME vanlifer.

Even if we had planned this “exit” actually for the next year, suddenly the moment had come earlier. Do you know that? When suddenly a door opens and you realize – now or never? So take all your courage and full throttle into the new adventure.

For the past two months, we’ve been on the van every spare minute and have screwed and built. Also on weekends the alarm rang at 7 o’clock and the nights were often very short. A lack of sleep determined our everyday life, the fear of forgetting something hung on our necks and until the last minute some repairs on the van had to be done.

Now the time has come. We said goodbye to family and friends, packed up the van, changed our insurance, did everything necessary and are now on our first stop heading north – freedom here we come! 


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