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Toasting in OMNIA Sweden

Toasting bread on a gas stove in a stovetop oven

The OMNIA Stovetop Oven by Omniasweden is the perfect addition to any camper kitchen. The Stovetop oven is a true all-rounder. It is not only suitable for baking bread or rolls but also for the preparation of casseroles and cakes. That definitely justifies the purchase price of about 50 €. WATCH the online retailers every now and then to get the all-round carefree package. That includes the OMNIA stove, grate grid and silicone mold at a top price from 60€ to 70€.

Super tasty: toast whole grain bread

We have already used the OMNIA several times to toast our wholemeal bread in the morning. You can toast any kind of bread in the OMNIA stovetop oven. However, since wholemeal bread tends to store a lot of moisture, it tastes toasted much better. With a slice size of 7x7cm (box bread), about three to four slices fit into the OMNIA at the same time.

Toasting in the van in a few minutes

For this we have the bread on the separately available grate for the camping stove placed on a small gas flame for about 5-10 minutes in OMNIA toasted. The result is excellent and for us an absolutely worthwhile addition to our Campervan.

ATTENTION: Reduce the toasting time after the first run because the Omnia has already reached a very high temperature after a few minutes.

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